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We are much honored to be blessed and guided by some of the finest priests of Malankara Sabha, whose vision and able leadership has made us come a long way from our humble beginning. Given below is a list of all those great vicars of the church starting from twentieth century and the years in which they served our church.

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Rev. Fr. M. S. Ommen (November 1976 - November 1977)

Rev. P. V. Koshy Corepiscopa (May 1973 - October 1976)

Rev. Fr. D. George (June 1971 - March 1973)

Rev. Fr. K. V. Alexios (August 1966 - 1971 & June 1987 - May 1990)

Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Muthalaali (July 1965 - May 1966)

Rev. Fr. P. M. George (Barshaino Ramban) (July 1961 - August 1961)

Rev. Fr. M. C. Thomas (June 1961 - June 1965)

Rev. Fr. P. G. Thomas (September 1959 - May 1961)

Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Panicker (1953 June - September 1959)

Rev. Mathai Kathanar (January 1951 - January 1952)

Rev. Zacariah Kathanaar ()

Rev. Bahanana Kathanaar (1947 - 1951)

Rev. Alexandraose Kathanaar, Thazhathepeedikayil (1926 - 1947)

Rev. Abraham Kathanaar, Marettu ()

Rev. Kuriakose Kathanaar, Kalloor ()

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