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From the very beginning our church has given prime important to the social well being of the society. Irrespective of religion and cast our church has always been a helping hand to the needy. We have organized various programmes through out the years to provide the church members with their basic needs of food shelter and clothing. Youth leagues, Sunday schools and Martha Mariam Samajams have also got a substantial role in fulfilling such social commitments.


Food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs of every human being and we are on a mission to provide shelter for at least all the members of our church. So every year we do provide financial support to one or two of the most deserving people to have a shelter of their own. We also are planning to extend this service to the needy irrespective of church or religion.


The expenses of treatment and medicines are going up every day and it is hard for many of us to afford such expenses. So the church has kept apart a fixed sum every year to provide support to the needed for medical expenses. With the approval of the managing committee, support is given to the needy.


Marriage of girls is a big concern especially for people belonging to a economically lower class. Expenses may come in lakhs and for many it is beyond their limits. So we have a special program to provide the expenses for marriage of at least two girls every year and we have kept apart a special fund for that. Every year applications are invited and help is given to the most deserving candidates.


Education is another area where a lot of deserving candidate miss out because of the lack of money. Education has become very costly these days, especially the fees, books and uniforms. We are providing both financial and material helps to the students. With the support of youth league every year we serve notebooks, pen, pencils, uniforms etc to the needed. Also financial support is given to students pursuing higher education.

If you wish to be part of our social services or if you wish to contribute in any way to the betterment of the society, contact us either through the email info@kalloopparachurch.com or call us on the number +91 469 2677211.