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12010-06-24 16:03:17
Uffe hin Spage from Denmark

Keep up the good work :)

22010-06-05 21:03:38
Sojan John Karikkatt from India

Details about 'Abhayam' prayer meeting, and upcoming projects must be added..

32010-06-05 20:59:47
Sojan from India

Updates required on details about seminary students from our church...

42010-04-30 21:03:21
Reebu Meera Joy from Qatar

I appreciate the efforts behind organising the site.I would like to request the presence of a resident Priest at the Church .

52010-04-01 05:08:23
Tessa from United States

thanks great site

62010-03-24 23:49:20
maju cherian from India

very good site,congratulations

72010-03-12 07:32:44
Abraham Vargiis from United Arab Emirates

Thank you for the updates of Armenian Patriach visit.Kindly request to think seriously about providing some accomodation facility for the visitors to the Parish.There are people who want to stay and pray in the church for one or two days.There are so many miracles happening and as a pilgrim center people from far away places want to see this ancient Church. We as the host members of the Parish should think seriously about this inevitable requirement for the futre endeavours of this Parish. should think about this inevitent.

82010-03-05 13:20:01
keijo from Sweden

Thank you God,that we are not alone in figth against wicked the world,and the Lord will send more help for us if we needs and desire that get,thanks and bless and pray,and win,keijo sweden

92010-03-05 04:30:52
Alex Alexander, Kaithayil Mundakokulathu from United States

Kindly accept my sincere thanks and appreciations for the hard work of everyone for a job well done.I am very proud and honored to be a member of that church. Thanks and God Bless. Alex Alexander,Dallas, Texas USA

102010-03-03 17:40:22
ABRAHAM VARGIS from United Arab Emirates

Really appreciate the effort my home parish is taking and special thanks to the vicar who is more keen in exploring all chances to spread the name of our Parish to the public including some of our Bishops who donot know the History of our church.Shall be grateful if you can update some visuals of Armenian Patriach's visit

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